Each Zodiac Sign's Tarot Card Reading for June 4  

Here's a one-card tarot reading for each zodiac sign for Tuesday, based on the Major and Minor Arcana and the energies of the Moon and Gemini Sun. 

Today, you might immerse yourself in a beautiful reflection of happy memories from the past.  


symbolizes love, union, partnerships, relationships, choices, romance, balance, and unification.  


Gemini is associated with impasse, difficult decisions, being trapped in the middle, denial, and hidden facts.  


Strength qualities can motivate and sustain you during difficult times, Cancer.   


You want to build harmony in your relationships, and your qualities will help you get there.   


Mutual respect is essential in any healthy partnership, Virgo. To achieve it, you must first cultivate it within yourself.   


Libra, you may need an interior refresh. This can take the form of new love, learning, or a spiritual awakening.   


Your efforts have not gone unappreciated, Scorpio. The seeds you're planting and watering right now will have a direct impact on the future you meet.   


To fully let go, you may need to shift your perspective on what it is.   


Capricorn, don't accept criticism from those you wouldn't like to take advise from.   


Give yourself permission to be yourself and continue to let go of the urge to be accepted by others.


When you ask, Pisces, be prepared to receive. Part of the equation is to ensure that when you seek or work for improvements, you are in an environment that supports them.  


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