Horoscope for each zodiac sign for June 3 — Mercury enters Gemini.  

Goodbye, Mercury in Taurus, and hello, Mercury in Gemini. In our June 3 horoscope, the planet that governs communication, data, computers, and local communities will travel through Gemini until June 17.   


You have a two-week window of opportunity to negotiate business, personal network, car, or computer contracts.  


Success is an interior job, and you can identify aspects of your personality that still require some development. Mercury enters Gemini, your solar house of personal ideals, and the dynamic character of this fast planet can cause waves of knowledge that are both timely and important.   


Mercury enters your sign, Gemini, where it rules, ushering in a period of tremendous intellectual growth.  


The cosmos is continuously communicating, and when Mercury enters Gemini, your spiritual nature becomes stronger. You are more attuned to the energies surrounding you.  


You are open and willing to learn from others, and when Mercury enters Gemini, you will love social activities that allow for intelligent discussions.   


Your outstanding communication abilities can help advance your job. Mercury enters Gemini, your solar house of career and social standing.   


It can be entertaining to debate a topic, especially at the height of politics, when discussing elections or other high-level decision-making issues.  


You can be a little psychic, and when Mercury enters Gemini, your intuition increases dramatically. You may realize that you can perceive the energy of a room more vividly.  


Beautiful is in the eye of the beholder, and when Mercury enters Gemini, you regard your partner's deep intellectual character as something to admire.  


Get organized, Capricorn. Mercury enters Gemini, stimulating your daily routines area, making this the ideal moment to tackle the mountains of files, paperwork, or other clutter that has been an eyesore since the beginning of the year.  


You are a child at heart, so Mercury entering your solar house of pleasure and play is a thrilling event for you.  


Do not attempt to do more than you can handle. The universe can set boundaries that allow you to do less and relax more.