Horoscope for each zodiac sign for June 3 — Mercury enters Gemini.  

The tarot horoscope for June 3 is available for all zodiac signs. Discover how today's one-card reading will help you with your relationships, job, and personal/professional life.   


In a new or difficult relationship, you may need to adapt your sensitivities and responses.   


Taurus, you may not always have control over what you walk through. However, you might find calm by grounding yourself.   


Absence makes the heart fonder, Gemini. You may feel disconnected from someone you love.   


You have to vet yourself. This card represents cancer. It can be difficult to speak up, but sticking to your beliefs can strengthen you.  


Have patience with yourself if it takes time to execute the change you are motivated to make; you may be willing, but your brain is still functioning on old habits, and it takes time and practice to develop new neural connections.   


Strengthening your intuition and obtaining clarity in your life may not require you to grow your intuition, but rather to begin to mute the voices that keep it quiet.   


Libra, you may be interested in learning more about your family history and ancestry. This can be instructive, allowing you to understand more about yourself and possibly uncovering inherited similarities.   


This card highlights the value of quality time, Scorpio. Depending on your specific needs, this could be sociable or alone time; figure out where you are.  


This card indicates that your hard effort is paying off, Sagittarius. If the promise has not yet been realized for you, this can act as a reminder that it will be soon.   


Unhappiness in your existing circumstances can be a catalyst for change, Capricorn.   


You may be at a crossroads, Aquarius, facing a difficult decision. Looking forward to the future and predicting how you would feel in each circumstance can help you.  


Patience is a virtue that may require time and effort to develop. Compassion, understanding, and humility can be effective methods for achieving it.   

Horoscope for each zodiac sign for June 3 — Mercury enters Gemini.

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