Coconut Chia Pudding

This creamy, 5-ingredient coconut chia pudding is created with low-fat coconut milk and sweetened with maple syrup. It's simple to prepare and makes an excellent breakfast, snack, or healthy dessert.

If you enjoy coconut, you'll adore this coconut chia pudding! It's really creamy, simple to prepare, and ideal for weekly meal planning.

The pudding's liquid basis is lite coconut milk, which adds smoothness and a subtle coconut taste.

I used lite coconut milk to reduce the fat level, but regular coconut milk is still an option. 

If you want a chia pudding without coconut milk, try my quick chia pudding or vanilla chia pudding.

Chia seeds are the star of the show! They absorb moisture and form a pudding-like texture while supplying fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein.

Shredded unsweetened coconut provides a crisp texture and enhances the coconut flavor.

For a hint of sweetness, I used pure maple syrup. Honey would be a suitable replacement. If you wish to cut the sugar in this recipe, simply omit the maple syrup or use a sugar replacement like stevia or monk fruit.

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