Tyreek Hill Jokes That Tua Tagovailoa Must Be Taking Ozempic

Tyreek Hill, a Dolphins wide receiver, believes Tua Tagovailoa may have received some assistance during his offseason body change.

The All-Pro commented on his quarterback's body Tuesday, saying, "When I saw Tua in the Pro Bowl, I was kind of afraid.

"He was fat as [expletive]..." How slim has he gotten, Ozempic? What is everyone taking?Jaylen Waddle, a fellow receiver, also joined in.

Laughing, "I told him I miss chubby Tua. "I'm not going to lie," he said when asked about it.

Jokes aside, the Miami quarterback claims he lost weight through nutrition and hard work.

Tua answered, "Diet and exercise," and added that he had taken out sugar. I feel better. Quicker on my feet. More agile. I can lengthen the play more."

Tua allegedly looked smart during the team's offensive drills despite his new slim frame. However, not everyone believes it will be beneficial for him.

Earlier last week, FOX Sports radio presenter Colin Cowherd expressed concern about Tua's weight loss. Speaking on his show:

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