Trendy Nail Art Ideas that Earn Major Style Points

Nail art is a type of design and artwork that is created using fingernails. It is a unique technique to style your nails using colours, embellishments, shapes, and other ornamental features  

Nail art is normally done by professional manicurists in salons, but anyone interested in trying their hand at DIY nail art may do so at home with a few basic tools and nail polish kits.  

Here is a summary of the various types of nail art designs that are popular this season  

Choose any of these amazing nail art ideas, and all eyes will be drawn to your freshly manicured nails.   

Check them out.The classic French nail art design is back in style in 2023, and it is a favourite among celebrities.  

This nail paint set includes two polishes for the price of one: a white varnish for the classic French manicure and a black polish for a modern take on the trend.  

For a more fun yet chic look, try the rainbow French nail art trend with brilliant hues other than white.  

As you can see, this sort of French manicure also looks great on short nails, making it an excellent nail art trend to do at home.  

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