The Universe Tests The Close Friendships Of 3 Zodiac Signs On May 31

When best friends spend enough time together, there will inevitably be times when their differences overshadow their similarities. We are all aware that even the strongest and longest friendships change with time. It's part of our makeup.  

While the friendship may continue, the tensions that arise from time to time can be intense. On Friday, May 31, a quarrel will occur between pals born under these three zodiac signs.   

One person believes and is committed to one viewpoint, whilst the other is vehemently opposed to that concept and is horrified or appalled.   

Will the friendships stay strong? Yes, they will — and what we'll see during the Aries moon's conjunction with Saturn is that we can forgive our friend's opinion, way, style, or belief while keeping our feelings to ourselves for the sake of friendship.   

We may be 90% opposed to what they are into, but the remaining 10% is the glue that has held us together for so long. That is a bond we are unwilling to let go of.  

You and your best friend have been through it all, and part of what keeps the relationship going is that you've both reached similar conclusions about key aspects of your lives. You both want to stay on track and do what is best for you.  

1. Gemini

This bothered you. Weren't they meant to be just like you, in complete accord with you every day, in every way?   

2. Virgo

You are so devoted to your opinion that you are unaware of how much you have changed in the eyes of a buddy who relied on you to remain constant.   

While it does not appeal to you at all, you are beginning to notice that during the Aries Moon conjunct Saturn, you may have gone too far with your strong ideas and staunch views on foreign events or politics.  

3. Scorpio

A quarrel with a buddy could escalate merely because you disagree on something you think to be true and they believe to be fiction. It's not the first time this has happened.  

In fact, you have that type of push-and-pull interaction. It's part of what you like about this person. The capacity to spar amicably keeps you on your toes in this friendship.  

Fortunately, you return to your normal selves immediately after this rift occurs. While egos clash, the two of you know one other well enough to recognize that, on occasion, you'll both become so overheated that the engine simply fails.