The Top 10 Friendly Pet Bird Species


Budgies, also referred to as parakeets, are among the most popular pet birds worldwide, and with good reason. 


A charming cockatiel is another fantastic pet bird for those seeking companionship. Handfed as infants and raised in pleasant circumstances, these Australian birds make great pets. 


A cockatoo is a sociable, affectionate huge pet bird. Beautiful birds bond well with their caregivers and prefer to be with them often. 

Hyacinth Macaw

As "gentle giants," hyacinth macaws are the largest parrots. They adore playing and cuddling with their owners and are social birds. 


Domesticated, hand-fed doves are sweet and sensitive pets. 


Parrotlets have big personalities despite their small size and are easy to care for. 

Green-Cheeked Conure

Green-cheeked conures from South America love mingling with their caregivers. 

Hahn’s Macaw

The tiniest macaws are Hahn's, native to South America. Despite their little size, they have lots of personality. 

Eclectus Parrot

The Solomon Islands rainforest-dwelling eclectus parrot has dramatic dimorphism, with males brilliant green and females red. 



Canary finches, native to the Canary Islands, are friendly birds with lovely male singing. 

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