The Time-Traveling Cliffhanger of 'Outlander' Season 7

In order to escape the mess that the Fraser and MacKenzie families have gotten themselves  

into in Outlander season 7, we're going to need more than A Practical Guide for Time-Travelers.  

Outlander's midseason finale was ultimately uplifting for Claire and Jamie (so you know something ,

horrible is about to happen), while Roger and Brianna experienced a little more tension and dread. 

Of course, if you've read the novels and know what's coming, it's a little more exciting. 

Let's review what occurred before to the premiere of season 7 in... 2024? Hopefully? 

The essay will briefly discuss minor book spoilers at the end, so proceed with caution.This season, 

Roger and Brianna found themselves navigating an entirely new era—the 1980s—while Claire and Jamie ,

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