The One-Card Tarot Reading For Each Zodiac Sign On May 31


Your intuition tells you what? You may be bewildered, but listen for answers. For Aries, awareness unlocks the universe's mysteries.  


Taurus, dig in. Maybe you wanted to change, but now you had a chance, your heart says wait. That's fine, but others may pressure you to keep promises.   


Be present. It seems simple, but when watching people interact, your mind may think of ways to make the moment better and happier.   


You may think freedom is a costly, unattainable fantasy, yet it can be gained step by step. Say 'no' whenever possible.  


When you're down, people want to take advantage. They may see your need and help, but your senses tell this is suspicious.   


Hard questions are hard to ask. You don't want offense. You may feel like you must tiptoe to avoid conflict.   


Be cautious for safety, but don't let your worst-case possibilities become negative. Obsession with self-defense can be addictive.   


Making truth is one of the bravest things you can do. When you open your heart, you may feel naked and vulnerable  


Money issues arise. Unexpected bills can arrive and make you wonder how you forgot to pay them. Don't avoid it or blame yourself.  


Everyone gets to enjoy the top, but not everyone works hard for it. Not wanting to succeed is fine if you want to retain your life the way it is.  


An opportunity you wanted may suddenly appear, requiring quick action. Luck can strike at awkward times. It can show you if you want what you want.   


You can lead gently. Everyone from family and friends to coworkers enjoys helping and participating in something entertaining. Use their joy to unite everyone.