The Cowboys' Dak Prescott and Trey Lance strategy is clear.

The Dak Prescott contract controversy has dominated this offseason. Whenever Jerry Jones or Prescott speaks, his contract information spreads like wildfire. What will Cowboys do with Prescott?   

“When will they do it?” These are the questions people have as the Cowboys franchise quarterback's status remains unknown.  

Everyone has an opinion. Some are certain Prescott is “the guy” and the Cowboys head office should have signed him sooner. Others are less confident and eager for the squad to move on from him.  

A third option is often overlooked. Prescott will get a contract extension, and the Cowboys front management is happy with it.   

Last week, ESPN NFL Insider Jeremy Fowler said the Cowboys' front office won't allow him go to free agency and that a contract extension is imminent. For some, this may seem like a new development in the Prescott scenario, but BTB regulars like me know this is expected.  

Prescott will solve one part of the dilemma with a new deal. VERDICT: Their guy. Criticism will then turn to what took so long? There have been many arguments about how much the Cowboys could have saved by signing him sooner.  

This is a weird one because there are many elements that people may not consider, but we must discuss them before judging.  

When asked why the front office is hesitant to make a deal, many say, “His price is just going to go up!” And indeed. His price will rise, but it's not as bad as some think. QB prices rise because the salary cap does too. A player's price seems high at first but drops with time. It constantly happens. We've done this before.  

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