The 10 Best Velvet Nail Ideas for Luxurious Sets  

Velvet nails, also called cat-eye nails, offer a captivating allure with their textured shimmer. 

This nail art creates a mesmerizing effect reminiscent of looking into a cat's eye. 

To achieve velvet nails, you'll require magnetic polish and a magnet. 

The cat-eye effect emerges from the magnetic particles present in special polish or gel polish. 


By manipulating the magnet's position and angle over the wet polish, varied patterns can be achieved. 

Velvet nails captivate with their ethereal charm, thanks to the textured shimmer they boast. 

Achieving the cat-eye effect necessitates the use of magnetic polish or gel containing magnetic particles. 

The placement and orientation of the magnet over the wet polish dictate the final pattern outcome. 

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