Taylor Swift's unbelievable pre-concert regimen revealed

Taylor Swift is preparing to dazzle the UK with her highly anticipated Eras Tour, which begins tomorrow in Edinburgh. 

As fans excitedly await the superstar's arrival, they may wonder how she maintains her remarkable energy levels throughout her three-hour performances. 

Taylor trains extensively, singing her whole setlist while jogging or walking on a treadmill as part of her pre-concert routine.

Taylor previously told Time magazine that she understood this tour would be difficult than anything she'd ever done before. 

For the first time, I physically prepared correctly. I wanted to be so well-rehearsed that I could be ridiculous with the audience without losing my train of thought. Learning choreography isn't my strong suit."

Taylor began her rigorous training regimen six months before the Eras Tour began in Glendale, Arizona, in March of last year.

Her training regimen included regular treadmill sessions during which she would run while singing the full Eras setlist aloud—running for fast songs and jogging or walking swiftly for slower songs. 

This was supplemented by a customized strength, conditioning, and weights program at her gym, Dogpound, as well as three months of dance classes.

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