Strawberry Milk Tea

The warmer months are almost approaching, which means fresh, plump, juicy, and sweet strawberries are in season! If you have a lot of strawberries in the fridge and need to use them up, this recipe is for you.  

You can create this strawberry boba tea with fresh strawberries, jasmine green tea, milk, and simple syrup for a refreshing poolside treat.   

This strawberry milk tea recipe is the perfect tasty and delightful treat to brighten your week. If you're seeking for additional boba shop faves, try my taro milk tea, mango green tea, jasmine milk tea, and brown sugar milk tea!  

Saucepan: To cook the strawberry compote, use a small saucepan. Rubber Spatula: Use a rubber spatula to stir and lightly smash the strawberry compote.  

Skimmer: Use a skimmer to remove the white/light pink bubbles from the top layer of strawberry compote.  

Kettle or Saucepan: You'll need an electric kettle or a saucepan with a thermometer to test the temperature of the water.  

Mixing Bowl: Use a mixing bowl to steep the boba in the brown sugar syrup. To collect all of the boba pearls, use a spider strainer.  

Strawberries: Fresh strawberries are preferable for chopping into smaller parts. Granulated sugar: If the strawberries are not quite ripe or in season, adding sugar will give the drink an extra delicious kick.  

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