Only A Genius Can Spot The Hidden Diamond Ring In The Picture

When it comes to looking for a diamond ring, the internet goes absolutely crazy with Optical Illusion.   

In the following optical illusion picture, this is the challenge. Finding the ring is your task.  

Some optical illusions might even tell you something about your character.   

While the majority of them are simple brain teasers, a few, like the one below, present more of a challenge.   

Sunflowers, wheelbarrows full of carrots, and a few of bunnies nibbling on the remaining carrots make up this agricultural scene.   

Jeweler William May was the one who originally published the challenge in Reader's Digest.   

Look at the photo carefully; in thirty-one seconds or less, you must find the concealed diamond ring. 

According to the record-setting reader, this is the fastest time ever.    

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