Monthly Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes for June 2024  

In June 2024, you have the energy to delve deep and uncover hidden treasures. The first half of the month will demonstrate your strengths and abilities.   


Ox, June 2024's energy is all about knowing which path is right for you and then moving forward on it with full steam! 


Tiger, June 2024 will be all about knowing where to play your cards and where to hold them back.


Rabbit, the first half of June 2024 will be a relaxing period for you with big boosts of luck and fortune. 


In June 2024, Dragon, your energy is focused on recognizing great talent, whether within yourself or in others.  


Snake, June 2024 is a time to embrace your strengths and express yourself creatively.  


Horse, the first half of June 2024 will bring you love and reconciliation.


The energy of Goat in June 2024 focuses on distinguishing between truth and falsehoods, as the former might be misrepresented as the latter.   


Monkey, your energy in June 2024 is focused on rest and proper sleep. Some of you are currently on the verge of great success.  


Rooster, the energy of June 2024 for you has a pleasant quality to it.


Dog, June 2024's energy has a poignant and melancholy feel to it. If old wounds come to the surface, give yourself space to deal with them so you can heal your soul and move forward with greater confidence.


Pig, the energy of June 2024 for you is all about finding balance within and grounding yourself. 


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