Kyrie Irving Admits Major Celtics Regret Ahead Of NBA Final

The relationship between Kyrie Irving and Boston Celtics supporters is far from cordial.  

Irving, who currently plays for the Dallas Mavericks, spent two seasons with the Celtics before leaving for the Brooklyn Nets in free agency in 2019.  

Since then, Irving has played against his former team multiple times, with each game producing memorable moments between Irving and the Boston fans.  

During the 2022 NBA Playoffs, Irving was captured on tape making obscene gestures at Celtics fans.One occurred after draining a shot in the third quarter,  

and another when inbounding the ball in the fourth quarter, this time with both hands and both fingers.  

"That wasn't a great reflection of who I am," Irving said at a press conference ahead of the NBA Finals.It's an unusual statement to make, given that this isn't the only incident involving Irving and Celtics fans.  

Before the finger incident, Irving was caught stomping on the Celtics' emblem at half-court.It's been half a decade since Irving last played for the Celtics, and years since the last altercation between the two, leading some to feel that any residual issues have been addressed.  

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