Japanese Strawberry Shortcake

When my best high school girlfriend came to visit me from New York, I decided to host my first grown-up dinner party.   

When I asked her what her favorite dessert was, she was really specific (which was also very helpful). She told me she enjoyed this light and delicate vanilla cake with fresh berries.   

My mind immediately went to these stunning Japanese strawberry shortcakes stacked with fresh berries and whipped cream, and I knew this was it.  

The Japanese strawberry shortcake is smooth, delicate, and light. It is ideal for the hot summer months, when strawberries are in season.   

The cake's basis is a genoise sponge cake that has no chemical leaveners. The amount of air whisked into the eggs determines how much the cake rises.   

This procedure produces the light and soft crumb that everyone knows and enjoys. This cake may appear complicated at first appearance, but it isn't with the tips and methods I've included below.  

For the ultimate outdoor picnic, serve this Japanese Strawberry Shortcake with some delectable Japanese hot dogs!The Japanese Strawberry Shortcake differs from the traditional strawberry shortcake seen in the United States.  

The Japanese version has freshly whipped cream and strawberries sandwiched between layers of a light and airy genoise sponge cake.   

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