Ja Morant Gets Crucial Injury Update From Grizzlies Legend

Memphis Grizzlies standout Ja Morant is recuperating nicely from his shoulder surgery, and team great Zach Randolph believes Grind City will return to the top once the star guard returns next season.  

Randolph provided an update on Morant's injury recuperation in the most recent episode of Paul George's Podcast P, noting that he had recently met and spoken with the superstar guard.  

After returning from a 25-game suspension, Morant played only nine games in 2023-24 due to a ruptured labrum that necessitated surgery.  

Next year, everyone will be healthy. I spoke with Ja [Morant], saw him a few weeks ago, and he appears to be in good shape. "He's been working hard, and his shoulder is healing," Randolph explained.  

Z-Bo went on to say that he believes the Grizzlies will be back in contention for the West's top slot in 2024-25 as the club, including Morant, returns to full health.  

Many Memphis fans are aware that several Grizzlies players, including Brandon Clarke (Achilles), Marcus Smart (finger), and Desmond Bane (back), were injured and missed numerous games.  

"We're expecting Brandon and Marcus to return. So is Bane. So next year,   

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