Is 'The Couple Next Door' coming to Netflix? How to get Sam Heughan's new show

The Scottish actor spent three years in Outlander and is now set to front a highly anticipated 2024 thriller. Here you can see where The Couple Next Door will be arriving at. 

Actor Sam Heughan, who plays Outlander's Jamie Fraser, will soon star in the upcoming CW series The Couple Next Door. 

Certain information, such as whether or not it will be available on Netflix and on what devices, has been made public.

Some media outlets have given a summary of the show, which describes it as "a dark and delicious psychological drama that explore

the suffocating claustrophobia of the suburbs and the consequences of pursuing the darkest desires." 

The plot will not center solely on the 43-year-old actor; Eleanor Tomlinson, Alfred Enoch, and Jessica de Gouw will all have significant roles. 

The story follows two different spouses whose lives eventually intersect.When will The Couple Next Door be released, and on what service?

There has been no debut of the show as of yet, however 2024 is the projected debut year. 

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