If, in eight seconds, you can identify the whale among the elephants, you are quite gifted. This is an optical illusion.  

Have you given up on locating the whale in this photo of elephants? Here is the answer in case you are still confused.  

Please tell your loved ones about this optical illusion. Give them eight seconds or less to find the whale amidst the elephants in this photo!  

When looking at anything, have you ever doubted your eyesight? An optical illusion can do that! These intriguing illusions distort your view of the world through the use of color, light, and patterns.  

 When someone (the “ghoster”) suddenly stops communicating without explanation, the other person (the “ghostee”) feels confused. The absence of empathy and accountability in dating is evident.

Using patterns, colors, and light, these intriguing illusions distort your view of the world.  

These will test your brainpower like no other! The human brain makes an effort to comprehend visual data, but optical illusions deftly take advantage of this process.   

On occasion, they distort straight lines or make objects that aren't seen seem to disappear.  

More about the human brain and its trickster abilities can be gleaned from research on these illusions.   

Baobab Orange Chia Pudding 

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