How Your Relationship Will Flourish Despite All Odds  

The most skilled couples may have all these skills and use them easily. Happy, loving partnerships may only have one spouse having these skills. Even if your partner doesn't want to learn, you can keep your marriage on track and create joy, love, passion, and peace.  

Whether you practice yoga breathing or count to 10 to prevent erupting, the temptation to “get it out” starts the conversation as conflict, not peace. As you calm down before speaking, you can thank yourself for extending your and your partner's lives and setting a good example for relatives and friends.  

 1. You always calm down before speaking.  

Begin self-soothing before speaking, then avoid communication until you're calm and able to move forward without facing resistance.  

2. You calm yourself before texting or emailing your partner.  

You became a pair because you usually meet each other's requirements. Any robust, joyful, long-term relationship requires meeting those needs and using empathy to modify when needs change.  

3. Your care and empathy extend to your partner's needs.  

Motivation is a taught talent in business, but few couples strive to motivate their partner. After practicing with tiny challenges, you can accomplish it with big ones.5. Daily reminders of why you love your mate help you resist gossiping.  

4. Your remarks inspire and motivate  

Break the habit of complaining that has damaged millions of relationships and focus on gratitude. Every marriage has ups and downs, so appreciating your partner consistently encourages the behaviors you enjoy rather than the others.   

5. Daily reminders of why you love your mate help you resist gossiping.  

Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., pioneer of Nonviolent Communication, questioned 500 clients if they were friendlier to their children or neighbors.  

6. Kindergarten taught you to say “please” and “thank you”.  

Pretending is easy with strangers but practically impossible in marriage because it generates animosity. Instead of giving up, inspire your partner to find a solution that works for both of you.  

7. You don't agree without meaning it.  

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