How 'Manifest's Series Finale Crashed and Burned Still Hurts

Drama fans were thrilled when Netflix picked up Manifest in 2021 after NBC canceled it. The show got a gigantic 20-episode season in two parts. 

Shows struggle to end well. Many beloved shows have messed up in the last minute, but the supernatural drama series has a lot on its plate.  

The second half of Season 4, published in June, was excellent from the eleventh episode to the last 20 minutes of the series finale. Then Manifest failed. Exactly what happened? 

As usual, the ending is wild, with passengers converging at the fissure site to face their death. Olive (Luna Blaise), Jared (JR Ramirez), and Drea (Ellen Tamaki) return to town for convenient reasons, where their reality will be obliterated.  

Due to his sapphire imbuement, Cal (Ty Doran) appears to sacrifice himself to give the others a fighting chance at the rift. 

The 828 plane transports passengers. Angelina (Holly Taylor) almost dies, but Ben (Josh Dallas) forgives her and takes her on the flight.  

The volcano that breached the earth erupts as they take off, but Cal's lifeboat saves them.  

The trip is where 11 passengers, including Angelina, do not pass because of their lifestyles. After seeing the glow, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) steers the jet toward it. 

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