Healthy Banana Berry Smoothie Recipe

This vegan banana berry smoothie is the ideal way to begin your day because it is both nutritious and delicious.  

It is packed with nutrients and has a fantastic flavor, but there is no added sugar.  

There are many ways to begin the day, but one of my favorites is with this smoothie. Without the addition of any additional sugar,   

the combination of the ingredients creates the ideal combination of creamy, acidic, and sweet flavors!  

Scheduled persons who want a healthy, full supper can rely on smoothies. It's quick to make and convenient for multitasking. These smoothies are packed of vitamins, minerals, protein, and probiotics, keeping you full.  

1 frozen banana 1 cup mixed frozen berries of choice ½ cup dairy-free plain yogurt , can sub with vanilla for a sweeter result ½ cup dairy-free milk , use coconut for the most creamy result 1 tablespoon almond butter , optional


1. Place everything into a blender.


2. Blend on low until thick and smooth, stop to scrape down sides along the way.