Everyone Said The Same Thing After Angel Reese Was Ejected Tonight

Angel Reese, a rookie with the Chicago Sky, had two career firsts against the New York Liberty on Tuesday night.

In the first half, the No. 7 overall pick recorded her first WNBA block. While she would have preferred to commemorate the occasion with a victory,

she received something different.Reese didn't even make it to the end of the game, as one referee decided to expel her after calling

back-to-back technical penalties on her with just over two minutes and thirty seconds remaining.Almost everyone on social media agreed that was a bad call.

"When she walked away from the ref, it was the end of the game, and they wanted to remove her. "Very weird, yo lol," one individual said.

"Ref that threw out @Reese10Angel is weak, by the way..." "You know who you are (keep your money, Angel, I got you)," remarked NBA player Lonzo Ball.

"Unless she said something, this is the weakest ejection of 2024, which includes a major league umpire ejecting a random coach because of what a fan said," provided another.

"Not sure if maybe she said something too, but simply waving the referee off is not an ejectable offense, and referees across all levels of basketball need to stop taking that shit so personally," wrote another.

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