Each Zodiac Sign's Tarot Card Reading For June 1, 2024


While you have grown up in many ways and healed from past wounds, you still carry the memories of who you are and the life you have lived. 


The hiding place is just as important as the space where you let all your light and power come forth! Often it is in the hidden where much necessary growing and cultivation of skills takes place.  


You are intuitive, courageous, and strong, Gemini. This card represents all of your strengths and the beaming light within you! 


You have gone through a lot, Cancer, and it may be time to take a step back to recuperate your spirit. Solitude might look unique to you, but lean into the things that feel good.  


You do not have to be at the final destination to celebrate, Libra. Where you are is a place worth finding joy in now, too! 


Your weaknesses can also be your strengths, Virgo. This card reveals just that: a potentially double-edged sword. 


The page is turning, Libra, and you are doing the dang thing. You may have found yourself in a rut or even with bad luck following you. 


You may not be where you wish or thought you would have been by now, Scorpio. This can be frustrating, and you may even become mad at yourself.  


A crucial piece to walking in more is the awareness of where it is needed and how you can do so, Sagittarius. This card emphasizes just that: the importance of self-understanding 


You are equipped with unique talents, skills, and abilities, Capricorn. These can be cultivated to help create a life you love! Developing or monetizing these assets can be how you do so.  


What's hidden eventually will be brought out into the light. This card signifies deception and difficulty getting away with it.  


You may have gone through a dry or rough patch, Pisces. However, the natural cycle of life is taking place for you; the waves come, and they go.