Dune 3 Confirmed To Be In Development At Legendary

Legendary has announced that Dune: Part Three is currently in development. Denis Villeneuve directed the first two Dune films, which were critically lauded upon release. 

While Part One underperformed at the box office due to a day-and-date streaming release and viewers sick of the plague, Part Two more than compensated with a great performance. 

As of this writing, it is the highest-grossing film of 2023, earning $630.2 million at the global box office.

Dune: Part Three is now officially in development, according to a new Deadline story. Villeneuve's next film, Nuclear War: A Scenario, will be made after he adapts Dune Messiah.

Villeneuve had already hinted that production on a script had begun, and the director has long stated his desire to adapt the second novel in Frank Herbert's sci-fi trilogy.

While it appeared like Villeneuve would be given the opportunity to adapt Dune Messiah, Warner Bros. has yet to officially greenlight the project.

Villeneuve has been clear about his goal to make three Dune films since before Part One's debut in 2021, and he has already began work on certain aspects of Part Three. 

Lead actor Timothée Chalamet even hinted at a crucial Messiah story detail in a 2023 interview.

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