Delicious Desserts Enriched With Homemade Caramel

Caramelised sugar enhances the flavour and richness of pastries, baked goods, and plated desserts.   

These delectable recipes include ways to make caramel at home using miso, wine, bourbon, and banana  

Also, you can make your own caramel candy. These delectable caramel sweets are perfect for frosting cakes, drizzling over ice cream sundaes, and filling sumptuous pies.  

Brush buttery miso-enriched caramel over wafer-thin apple slices to make the filling for this all-butter croissant pastry.  

This extravagant sundae is topped with creamy fudge, salty pretzels, crunchy toffee, and chewy, bittersweet candied lemon peel before being drowned   

Rich, barely bitter caramel, deeply toasted nuts, and chewy figs meet in a buttery crust for a dessert that pairs well with Madeira.  

Salted caramel adds the perfect finishing touch to chocolatey, fudge-like brownies.   

This super-fast sauce takes only minutes to make and is an excellent topping.   

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