C.J. Stroud dared to critique. Aaron Rodgers

Most NFL hot takes come from non-players. Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud is leading a new trend of active players criticizing other current players.  

On the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Stroud was honest about Eli Manning's career and Aaron Rodgers' impending retirement. Stroud preferred Manning's career.  

"You want the rings, dog," Stroud told USA Today. "Eli got two." Beyond rings, it goes deeper. “You know what I think?” According to JetsXFactor.com, Stroud remarked. I told Tom Brady about this since he's a wonderful mentor.   

He told me about his teammates and their treatment. It falls off there, I guess. Because he won those rings, Tom Brady treats his teammates well. Aaron Rodgers may not.  

Stroud also suggested that another quarterback with one ring, like Rodgers, could have won more with his supporting cast.  

“If you give Matthew Stafford a chance like Aaron Rodgers had, I guarantee you he might have had more rings,” Stroud added. "He probably had three or four."  

Since we've heard anecdotes about Rodgers's relationships with teammates and others in his close circle, Stroud attempted to be light on the teammate issue. Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley are honest. Even though Stroud was less than honest, he said enough to captivate the sensitive New York quarterback.  

Rodgers will react. He'll be helpless. This hurts more than typical criticism because the call comes from home. Rodgers cannot dismiss Stroud's comments as a sportsless hater. He must confront Stroud on the merits unless he can refute his evaluation.  

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