An In-Depth Analysis of "Marriage Is Hard"  

Get genuine about marriage. After binge-watching enough rom-coms, you may think discovering "The One" guarantees a happy ending.  

Early marital bliss seems to reinforce this myth—everything is fine when you're both unaware of life's messy chapters.  

Find your love with a 70% match, not 100%. Your partner may hit it out of the park at 100% on certain days and make you wonder if you married a lightbulb on others. Because living room furniture engages more.  

The proverb goes that you're married when you glance at your dozing spouse and wonder, “Oh no, what have I done?” You are not alone if you have been there. Doubting such a life-changing decision is common.   

The kicker: marriage is difficult because of our minds as well as existential problems.  

They are wired for survival, not happiness. Breakups and make-ups are familiar turf that has kept you alive.   

When things are stable, our survival instincts push us toward the excitement of the new, causing the itch for change.  

To think a great relationship will make everything complete forever is a delusion. Experiences, epiphanies, and life events affect people. The perfect match today may be a friendly stranger tomorrow. This requires hard work and luck.  

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