Aiyuk's minicamp absence is handled calmly by Shanahan.

Santa Clara— The 49ers' optional offseason program did not include wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk.  

The 49ers' mandated minicamp began on Tuesday, changing everything.  

As a player under contract for the following season, Aiyuk faces around $100,000 in fines for skipping this offseason session.  

Coach Kyle Shanahan said Aiyuk is going through “contract stuff” with the 49ers. Former 49ers who sought new contracts attended the obligatory minicamp.  

“To me, that doesn’t change at all,” Shanahan added. “When guys are in those situations, you find whether they come. Some guys come to avoid fines, others don't. Regardless, nothing changes.  

“We know the process. We know what the business is, so they decide how to manage it.”  

In the previous four years, the 49ers extended significant contracts to George Kittle, Fred Warner, Deebo Samuel, and Nick Bosa. Each player attended the mandated minicamp during difficult contract talks.  

Aiyuk and left tackle Trent Williams were the only players who skipped obligatory minicamp on Tuesday. Shanahan excused Williams for his daughter's graduation. Williams should arrive Wednesday for the rest of minicamp. Aiyuk wants a long-term agreement to replace his one-year, $14.1 million contract for the 2017 season.  

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