8 Fast-Food Milkshakes That Are Made With Real Ice Cream

Milkshakes may have developed in the US about 1900. Since then, ice cream aficionados can drink their favorite flavors blended with milk and topped with whipped cream and a cherry instead of eating it with a spoon or cone.  

Serious dessert invention! Since then, milkshakes have become so popular that most ice cream shops and fast-food restaurants offer them. Shakes are easy to find, but they may not always contain real ice cream.  

Burger Fi is known for its tasty burgers. Using "all-natural Angus beef free of steroids, antibiotics and hormones," this fast-food eatery promises "ridiculously high standards." Does their food, including shakes, meet these high standards? Answer appears yes.  

1. Burger Fi

The West Coast stores are called Carl's Jr. and the East Coast counterparts are dubbed Hardee's. Customers may be confused by this fast-food restaurant's name variant, but its milkshakes are created with quality ingredients.  

2. Carl’s Jr./Hardee's

An establishment known for its shakes (and with "shake" in the name) should use high-quality ingredients, which Shake Shack does. According to its website, Shake Shack serves "Soft, premium ice cream, made in-house daily only with the good stuff: real cane sugar and cage-free eggs," unlike Dairy Queen, which serves soft serve Blizzards and cones.   

3. Shake Shack

Fatburger claims to be the "Last Great Hamburger Stand," and it undoubtedly uses "never frozen beef patties" and "scratch-made onion rings." Fatburger claims "milkshakes made with 100% premium ice cream." The shakes come in Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Banana.  

4. Fatburger

Potbelly may not have as many locations as Subway or Firehouse, but you should visit if you can. Besides almost 20 subs, salads, mac and cheese, and soups, they serve velvety shakes prepared with hand-dipped ice cream.  

5. Potbelly

A famous chain named "Shake" that didn't use real ice cream in its milkshakes would be disappointing. Thankfully, Steak 'n Shake has always utilized real ice cream. On their site, "Since 1934 we've been hand-making delicious shakes with real ice cream and fresh milk, topped with whipped cream and a cherry." They must be skilled if they've been doing it for nearly a century.   

6. Steak 'n Shake

Jack's milkshakes have real ice cream, unlike Jack in the Box's. Jack's, a Homewood, Alabama-based burger chain, serves milkshakes with "hand-dipped, hand-mixed scoops" of ice cream in Cookies & Cream, Vanilla, Chocolate, Moose Tracks, and Smokey Mountain Fudge.  

7. Jack’s

West Coasters choose In-N-Out for fast-food milkshakes, whereas East Coasters choose Shake Shack. These competing burger chains are routinely compared, and the winner depends on who you ask. In-N-Out's Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla shakes are prepared with actual ice cream and tasty, unlike Shake Shack's "specialty" shakes.  

8. In-N-Out

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