7 Subtle Signs That a Man Is Madly in Love With You

Not all women in polyamorous couples are bisexual, just as not all women in monogamous couples are heterosexual or homosexual. Loving More found that "half of the female respondents and about a fifth of the male respondents were actively bisexual

Does he respond to your contacts within a time frame that is considered to be reasonable?  

1. Does he answer messages, calls, or emails?  

There are times when he makes contact with you without being asked to do so.  

2. Does he approach you?  

Do he make it clear that he is looking forward to the next date you have scheduled or to an event that will take place in the near future?  

3. Wants to visit you?  

At the conclusion of a date, does he linger and try to make it last longer?  

 4. Is he reluctant to leave?  

What about your day or the incidents that have occurred in your life in the past?  

5. Does he care about your life?  

When it comes to anything that he is very knowledgeable about or skilled at, does he offer to assist you with it?  

6. Is he helpful?  

Does he affirm or complement you on something you are good at, or does he speak highly of attributes you possess? It is important to pay attention to this  

7. Is his speech complimentary?  

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