5 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On June 1, 2024

It's the first day of June! What does it have in store for us? Only good things, that's what! That's mainly because we are firmly in the Gemini season right now, with a lot of astrological happenings in the Gemini sector of the sky. 

With the Sun in Gemini standing out as the cosmic benefactor on this day, the energy is all about being lighthearted, spontaneous, and open to new adventures and friendships. 

Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini adds weight to this message by reminding us that fun isn't fun if you aren't sharing it with those you love.  


Some days are excellent for starting something new, Aries. Other days are not. The energy on Saturday is definitely the latter, even if it's the first day of the month.  


Leo, the energy on Saturday has a pensive quality for you. If you spend time on introspection and observation, you'll welcome your cosmic blessings much faster than expected.  


Cancer, the energy on Saturday has a peaceful and saint-like quality to it for you. If you are religious, you will find immense satisfaction during prayers and rituals on this day, even if you cannot pinpoint exactly what's creating this “blessed” effect. 


Scorpio, the energy on Saturday has a sharp quality for you. If naysayers and toxic people surround you, now's the time to tighten your belt and anchor yourself in confidence and belief in yourself. 


Pisces, the energy on Saturday has a peaceful quality for you. Lean on your loved ones on this day and surround yourself with love. Your blessings will flower and fruit when you do.