4 Zodiac Signs Entering A More Fortunate Era Starting With The Venus Star Point On June 4, 2024


Venus Star Point affirmation: I am honoring my worth as I manifest a legacy of wealth. As a Taurus, you are naturally attracted to luxury, wealth and a life of ease and the finer things. 

you can ensure you are manifesting the life and the legacy that isn’t only close to your heart but that genuinely speaks to all you deserve. 


Venus Star Point affirmation: I am open to exploring new possibilities in my career. There is no shortage of incredible plans you make for yourself to achieve career success,

The Venus Star Point on Tuesday, June 4 highlights a new beginning in your career. With Venus here bringing all the qualities of fulfillment and wealth 


Venus Star Point affirmation: I am committed to honoring the truth of my heart. There can be many truths that you align with, and as the seeker of the zodiac, you are more than willing to entertain multiple options and possibilitie

You also have to be especially mindful of ensuring that you aren’t jeopardizing the love you want forever for what feels good for only a moment.


Venus Star Point affirmation: I am choosing to let myself be fully seen.  As much as you are the first sign of the zodiac and a natural leader, you often must learn how to practice genuine confidence in yourself and your abilities. 

The Venus Star Point in Gemini on Tuesday, June 4 highlights how you show up in the world and the space that you are willing to claim