3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Improves On June 4 During Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

On Tuesday, June 4, Mercury conjunct Jupiter shows the zodiac signs that while we may never be perfect people, we can certainly try. We can accept our flaws, but for the sake of the people we love, we can work on those flaws.  

When we are unhappy, we unconsciously lash out of the world, blaming others for the lack of joy we are experiencing. On June 4, we will see that at the end of the day 


When it comes to how you conduct yourself in a romantic relationship, you've started to see that it's a good idea to do a little self-reflection every now and then. 

It's much easier to accept oneself during a transit like Mercury conjunct Jupiter, which promotes self-love. To love ourselves, we have to know ourselves, which means it's time to get down and dirty with all of our 'facts.'  


Boom, and it's done. The moment you admit that there is something to work on, it instantly starts getting better, and admiring that you have any flaws to begin with sort of lets you off easily. 

Because Mercury conjunct Jupiter shows you the way, you begin to forgive yourself. This, in itself, is monumental and adds so much to the relationship simply because you harbor no secret agenda. 


It's only been recently that you've started to work on yourself in this way, and what you are now discovering is that this has the added side effect of helping out your romantic life. 

Your partner has always seen something in you that they interpret as 'special,' and they've always known that you are hesitant to look too deeply into your own inner workings.