3 Zodiac Signs Who Need A Break From Love On June 1

There are many reasons why a person might want to take a break from love. While taking a break might not be as simple as shutting down and not letting love in, there are definitely times when we wish it were 'that' easy. 

For three zodiac signs, we have our reason for wanting a break from love. We might have just come out of a relationship that ripped our hearts to pieces, or we may feel that right now 

You have said it before: I need a break from everybody. And, while you rarely actually take that break, the reality of the matter is that the break you really desire has you sitting under a palapa 


This is when action meets thought. You actually start figuring out how to make this 'getaway' a real thing. On Saturday, June 1 

You have started to wonder if you can exist without the constant presence of your romantic partner; has it really come to that? You, of all people, Scorpio, can't possibly think this way. 


June 1 puts something into your mind that you can't release: you need a break from love right now. Yes, yes, it's great stuff that you love, and yes, yes, you aren't saying 'no' to it.  

In order to keep your love life alive, you feel that you need to not be in the face of your partner, nonstop, all the time. Basically, you don't want them in your face all the time, and yet you're trying to be diplomatic about it.  


So, with the power invested in you, you will tell your partner that if you are to remain healthy and sane, then you need to follow your gut feeling and get yourself to a retreat or somewhere that requires very little of you other than simply breathing.