3 Zodiac Signs Are Incredibly Wise On June 4, During Moon Conjunct Uranus

June 4 presents us with a lesson in wisdom and perception. We know that seeing something one way shows us only one limited viewpoint, but if we trust what our gut tells us, we should try to see a situation differently.  

Impeccable judgment is very typical of the Moon conjunct Uranus effect. Uranus energy is what stirs up our imaginations, in so much as we don't always 'see' things the way everyone else does.  


Trusting the opinion of others point blank has always been a tough call for you, Gemini, as you learned early to be wise. Not everything is as it seems.  

On Tuesday, when the Moon conjuncts Uranus, you'll want to double-check your heart again before you leap into anything that even remotely reserves love. 


This entire thing has you feeling very ill at ease when it comes to trusting others fully. That's not to say you can't or don't 'eventually,' but when it comes to matters of the heart, let's  say you are very trepidatious. 

Tuesday, you'll feel as though you have this sense of dread for a reason as if it's there to protect you or warn you that something is about to happen.  


Being that you are very logical, you tend to ask a lot of questions that set you up for answers you want to hear. What's meant by this is that you make sure that whatever you do 

With Moon conjunct Uranus working hard to show you that love is worth investigating, you may return to your old ways, meaning you don't trust and never have